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In 2014, we were registered at the Bord of  Business Registration and License Agency with number  280935  {BRELA}. We are a  Professional Inbound and Outbound Tour Company, based in Arusha - the Tourism city of Tanzania; specializing in high quality tours that incorporate pro-poor tourism, responsible tourism and ecotourism approaches in the development, operation and management of all our packages. In addition, we organize cultural and community-based tours within Tanzania and other East African countries.

We have 13 permanent employees and around 26 temporary employees working for the company. Most of our staff speaks English and French, and some speak German, Spanish and Dutch, along with Swahili.

Through community-based tours; women empowerment has been achieved and also encouraged innovations, creativity and entrepreneurship amongst the local community groups receiving tourists. Because of incomes generated from tourism in all community-based tourism activities, this reduced conflicts within many homes in villages where we operate. Our tours support conservation as our motto says, “Conserve through Eco-tourism”.

The company is a Tanzanian owned Tour and Travel Company which is passionate about tourism development and strong commitment to conservation. We are the top Tanzanian tour operator with diverse experience in tourism, wildlife management and conservation. We operate with an African touch and approach to promote educational and experiential tourism. We offer high quality services in wildlife tours, community and cultural tourism, project tours, volunteer tours, event management and conservation, and tourism consulting.

The dream of our company is to see majority of Tanzanians benefit from tourism through employment, capacity building and empowering local communities to improve their livelihood, alleviate poverty and strengthen unity among the Tanzanian. At the same time, we strive to build strong lasting relationships with our international visitors and partners.
We offer different tours tailored to the requests and budgets of our clients.


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