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Accommodation Types

We offer different types of lodging for different types of traveller. Scroll through this page to have a better idea of what accommodation you would want to stay in during your chosen safaris.

Luxury Accommodation

Safari Lodges

While guesthouses or a hotels consist of of one large building and all guests sleep under one roof, a lodge is mostly a big main building with cottages surrounding it. The main building will be centrally located. Here you will find a restaurant, a bar, sometimes even a small shop and a swimming pool. The guest rooms, including bathrooms, are situated in separate smaller buildings or cottages and sometimes a short walk from the main building.


Accommodation will vary hugely in comfort levels and design, but will not be tented. Rooms or chalets will have luxury bathroom with en suite plumbed ablution facilities. Upmarket lodges could include air-conditioning, extensive personal living space and private plunge pools. Hot water, generator, solar powered or hydroelectricity and wifi is also available.

Luxury Tented Camps

In set-up and location, a tented camp is similar to a lodge. The main difference between a tented camp and a lodge: while a lodge has concrete structures, walls made of stone or wood, a tented camp consists of large safari tents with walls in canvas but permanent structures are used throughout, with tented rooms (often including solid frames and proper doors) built onto concrete plinths or raised wooden decks, often under a thatch roof. Comfort levels vary hugely, but tents will invariably have en suite plumbed ablution facilities with running cold and hot water. Central areas may be more extensive with additional facilities such as a swimming pool, and occasionally air-conditioning or private plunge pools. Generator, solar powered or hydroelectricity and wifi is also available

Camps are placed strategically in game parks for the best wildlife viewing while offering comfortable and luxurious accommodation.

Mid-range Accommodation 

Traditional Mobile Camps

Larger walk-in tents on the ground with proper beds, basic furniture and en-suite ablution facilities (chemical or long drop toilets are usual, with bucket showers). These camps are more likely to be located in one spot for several days at a time before moving on to a new area. No swimming pool, but generator, solar powered or hydroelectricity and wifi is also available.

Seasonal Tented Camps

These tented camps are also known as ‘semi-permanent’. They are eco-friendly and the more permanent nature of these camps allows greater infrastructure and facilities, such as larger tents, more comfortable furnishings, proper size double or twin beds and en-suite bathrooms with flush toilets, 24 hour lighting, more extensive relaxation areas and more staff to look after you. However, you’re still likely to have bucket showers and such camps usually close during the rains. No swimming pool, but generator, solar powered or hydroelectricity and wifi is also available.

Budget Accommodation

Mobile tents or Adventure camping

Adventure camping safaris are for those that feel adventure means roughing it under the stars in very remote areas, but with the security of being looked after by our experienced guides.


Accommodation is provided in a public campsite both within and outside the National Parks and Game Reserves, in a small walk-in two-man tent with folding safari beds, mattresses, pillows blankets and bed sheets. The tents are spacious enough for two people and have a mesh on each window to keep off insects. You will find pit toilets and bucket showers. Water is often heated over a fire and the furnishing is basic, but caters for all your needs.

However, out here you will most likely have the most authentic experience and get as close to nature as nowhere else. On public campsites, there may be other travellers camping on the same site as you. There is an ablution block with showers and toilets of reasonable hygienic standard for the guests.

A private campsite is in essence just a bare field, cleared of vegetation – that’s it. No permanent structures, no buildings and most importantly – no other people far and wide. The only thing that will separate you from nature and the wild, is the canvas of your tent.

Interested in learning more about our excursions or even booking one? Contact us today !

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